Our team of industry specialists will help you find the perfect location for your franchise. But first, check out a few of the interior store features we’ve optimized to make every ADB attract consumers and maximize ROI.

Finding the right locations is key. Whether considering a traditional or non-traditional location, America’s Dog & Burger will assist you during multiple phases of the development process from site selection to design and construction. In addition, we also provide support from the development team in these areas:

  • Architectural building design and engineering support
  • Review of site during due diligence phase
  • Approved contractors list
  • Bid review and comparison
  • Construction project management
  • Assistance with development of construction timeline
  • Assistance with vendor ordering from a preferred vendor list


Analytics typically within a three-mile radius of the identified site

  • 25,000+ residential population
  • 20,000+ daytime population
  • Median income of 50K+


  • Meets our demographic profile
  • Retail and restaurant synergy is critical
  • Strong-anchored centers and restaurant magnet areas
  • Strong activity drivers, both commercial and community
  • Office and industrial complexes, hospitals, schools, parks etc.
  • Good traffic flow in front of site (25K cars per day)
  • High frequency of dine-out users
  • Per-capita average annual spend on meals at restaurants in the proposed trade area compared to our system average


  • Prototypical space is 1,800-2,500 square feet

Venue type is freestanding building, end cap, lifestyle centers & mixed use projects. May also consider conversions

  • Visibility is critical to success –
  • Good ingress and egress –
  • Store frontage of at least 25 feet
  • Maximum signage allowed by code
  • Opportunity for exterior patio
  • Quality image of shopping plaza/center

Include the information below when submitting a site for consideration

  • Your Name
  • Phone / Email
  • Address or Intersection
  • Brief description of the site

Send additional information as a Word or PDF document to realestate@adbfranchise.com

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