While we advocate going at it alone when it comes to our customers selecting their own unique dog or burger, we never leave our franchisees to go at it alone when it comes to the success of their America’s Dog & Burger™ franchise. We have been committed to opening, developing, & growing our corporate restaurants. We operate our restaurants and have developed the systems and tools to support our franchise restaurant operators.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated franchising support professionals, including a Franchising Manager, Real Estate & Construction experts, Operations, local Field Marketing Manager, and many others. You can count on them to help you every step of the way — from site selection, construction and training to operations, marketing, and management.

• Detailed 5-day cooks training program consists printed & video material on safe knife handling skills, proper sanitation & customer service

• Recipe cards with professional photography detailing step by step process of making each item

• Detailed 5-day cashier training program using the latest tools to orientate staff on the organization, food & great customer service along with videos on proper sanitation skills, sell techniques & customer service

• Our checklists and ‘zoning’ system have details to make every station fool proof …outlining in great detail prep lists, side work duties, shift cards that help each team member set themselves up for success and give the managers check in points during the shift to ensure the day shifts run smoothly.

• Using the latest technology, we offer online checklists to ensure each shift manager is consistently detailing their duties. That daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules are followed. That cash handling procedures are tightly documented. Our development of online Time & Temperature keeps a log of all the temps for the store’s knowledge but also for municipality health inspections. We also are rolling out bluetooth enables thermometers to ensure all coolers are working properly and notifies management when a compromise is happening.  Our systems have been evolving for over 21 years and we are excited to share our advanced knowledge & technology with our franchisees.

• Quarterly Inspections by a 3rd party firm details every corner of the store looking at the ‘360 VIEW’  helping franchisees see things they might miss while operating on a daily basis but also to ensure consistency is held up at all locations. everything from Back-Of-House paperwork to cleaning procedures to overall cleanliness to detailed. This is an essential tool to building YOUR SUCCESS

• Secret Shoppers Reports are given monthly helping YOUR MANAGEMENT & STAFF TEAM have an outside look at the experience from a guest’s view.
Even though we often find ourselves at the top in our local markets, it isn’t taken for granted. Our uncompromising commitment to quality, impeccable service, and undeniable value keep our customers coming back to all of our locations nationwide – and will be a key part of our franchise owners being successful.

Our team of industry specialists will help you find the perfect location for your franchise. But first, check out a few of the interior store features we’ve optimized to make every ADB attract consumers and maximize ROI.

Finding the right locations is key. Whether considering a traditional or non-traditional location, America’s Dog & Burger will assist you during multiple phases of the development process from site selection to design and construction. In addition, we also provide support from the development team in these areas:

• Architectural building design and engineering support
• Review of site during due diligence phase
• Approved contractors list
• Bid review and comparison
• Construction project management
• Assistance with development of construction timeline
• Assistance with vendor ordering from a preferred vendor list

Our marketing is as memorable and compelling as our menu. Our menu and customer service not only sets us apart, but it applies to every aspect of our business. Everything we do is about bringing people back again and again.

At America’s Dog & Burger™ we know that success would require more than just delicious dogs & burgers. To really achieve smart growth and take our menu to customers everywhere, franchising was the logical choice. We have developed easy-to-execute operational systems focused on uncompromising quality at every turn – from ingredients to customer service – ensuring that consumers have a spectacular experience each and every time. After 23+ years, America’s Dog & Burger™ continue to deliver on customer expectations with each delicious bite.