With us, it’s simple…

Our systems and training allow you to bring a brand to your neighborhood that’s laser focused on keeping everything uncomplicated allowing you to focus on execution from the menu to management.

People crave and love our food because it’s just that good.

We’re good, honest entrepreneurs that had a dream, and we’re passionate about offering this unique opportunity to other passionate individuals like you.

As stated in the May 27, 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) item 7. See FDD for more details.

America’s Dog & Burger is a safe, affordable investment.

America’s Dog & Burger™ is setting new standards. We stay on top of trends by offering an appetizing menu with a national, yet local flavor.

With America’s Dog & Burger™, you get Prime Territories with room to grow.


$30,000 is the initial franchise fee for the first location.


5% for the first 10 franchises

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